What we do

TRAXX CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS is essentially a group of individuals that share the same Passion, Innovation and Excellence traits. Traxx is a fully Franchised operation where you, the customer, deal with the owner of the business.

Our business is the supply of quality, innovative and competitively priced diamond tools and associated machinery. In essence, machinery that typically consumes diamond tools.

We have also formed a division that supplies complimentary tools to the respective industries we deal with that we call Specialised Machinery.

Primarily the customer of TRAXX will be a consumer of goods involved in the Concrete Sawing and Drilling, Rental, Demolition,Concrete Placement, Construction, Tiling , Surface Preparation and Stone processing industries.

TRAXX manufacturers many of its own products but reserves the right to source the very latest and innovative additions to the construction industry, from a vast network of PREMIER business partners.



What we do

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