Our People

Lloyd Williams

Managing Director

Lloyd has more than 40 years experience in the Diamond Tool and Construction industry. He has been a pioneer to the industry throughout Asia Pacific.

Lloyd is regarded as a senior authority in the region and has contributed significantly to the industries dramatic growth over recent years. A passionate person with a penchant for innovation and excellence. 

Dianne Eade

Master Franchisee.

Dianne Eade has worked within the diamond tool section of the construction industry for 20 years primarily in customer service management where her focus has been on ensuring customer support systems and communications are constantly strengthened in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Dianne has extensive practical and hands on experience as a result of her involvement with customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.  A person with energy and passion, Dianne believes in a “can do attitude” and the importance of developing strong customer relations. 

Gail Williams


Gail Williams has 30 years experience in the diamond tool industry associated with the construction industry with the main focus being on customer service and marketing. Lasting relationships have been formed over this period with the client’s needs always given top priority.

Gail has organized many exhibitions, company related special events as well as corporate profiling in the Asia Pacific region and has always been part of an energetic and talented team to ensure that corporate image is appropriately portrayed in the marketplace.