Traxx SC250X Grinder

The SC250X floor grinder is designed for Contractors, Rental Companies, Flooring specialists, Councils and Utilities.


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Traxx SC250X Grinder

Traxx SC250X Grinder

The perfect all round start up or rental machine for grinding, polishing or stock removal. Accepts TraxxLok or full discs.



Foldable Handle

The foldable handle has a range from 60" to 165". This ergonomic design makes the products structure more compact and convenient in transportation and storage, and easy to handle and operate.

Electrical Protector

A safety switch used for electrical equipment, with adjustable setting values from 9A to 14A. It protects the electrical equipment by immediately disconnecting the power supply when the current exceeds the range, and protects the equipment from burning in the case of an accidental fire.

Flexible Coupler

This transmits torque through a set of dowel pins with elastic sleeve. With simple structure, high carrying capacity and axial and radial displacement compensation ability, it applies to frequently changing positive and negative start-up, mid and high speed shaft driving.

Detachable Dust Shroud

This allows the grinder go get close to walls when grinding.

Elevating Handle

The height of the axis can be conveniently adjusted by the elevating armrest.

Level Bubble

User can quickly check if the grinder is in a level state or not.

Vacuum Cleaner Port & Water Pipe Port

This is designed for dry and wet grinding. In dry grinding it can connect with a vacuum cleaner of 50mm diameter to keep the working environment clean. In wet grinding it can be connected with a water pipe to cool the grinding head and absorb the dust.

Download the SC250X Operations Manual

Technical Data

Motor 3 Hp
Motor kW rating 2.2 kW
Motor rpm 1410
Weight 48kg
Plate Type Standard 250mm plate or Cub Shoe
Plate Bolt Types M12 x 25 Countersunk socket head
Main Construction Powder Coated Steel


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SC250X grinding machine

SC250X grinding machine

SC250X with grinding discs

SC250X with grinding discs