Submersible Pump

The HWP2, HWP3 & HWP4 Submersible Pumps are a Vortex pump, and are designed especially for dirty water and even large solids. 

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Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

The impeller at the top sets the water in a circular movement and by centrifugal force, a centre of air shaped like a cone will occur.

This way there is very little contact between the water and the impeller, and wear is greatly reduced compared to other types of pumps. 

In other types of pumps, the water is pumped directly by the impeller, which is therefore worn much faster.

Pumps of the Vortex design have longer life and can pump larger solids.



  • No electric cables
  • May run dry without damage
  • Very high performance
  • Few wearing parts - less service
  • Long life
  • No instructions required
  • Connects to excavators, loaders etc.
  • Vortex design - cost saving
  • Max. head 28m (2") - 22m (3")
  • Pumps solids 38-63-74mm diameter


Technical Data

HWP2 oil flow, l.p.m. 20-30
HWP3 oil flow, l.p.m. 20-30
HWP4 oil flow, l.p.m. 20-34
Max. pressure HWP2/3/4, bar 172
HWP2 weight, kg 7.7
HWP3 weight, kg 11
HWP4 weight, kg 26.7
HWP2 capacity/hour 46 m3
HWP3 capacity/hour 80 m3
HWP4 capacity/hour 204 m3


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