HydroBox is a compact hydraulic accessory that can be installed on trucks, pick up, vans and other working vehicles transforming them in powerful and economical power sources of hydraulic tools.

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HydroBox exploits the hydraulic circuits of these vehicles eliminating the need to transport air compressors and generators allowing to power in autonomy and with incredible power hydraulic tools like breakers, disc saws, water pumps, drills, core drilling tools, earth augers, ventilators, pruners, hydro cleaners, rescue tools and various hydraulic equipment.

HydroBox is an accessory designed for professional use that occupies little space, can be fitted on the machines also under the loading surface ( just like a common tool box) it does not require approvals or special permissions, for
its installation only thing required is the connection with two hoses to the hydraulic pump of the trucks that will be transformed from a simple transport vehicle into a versatile and efficient working machine.


The hydraulic tools thanks to their characteristics, assure many advantages in terms of safety that are today well known. Electric, pneumatic and engine tools cannot assure the same level of protection and comfort of the operators. Maximum safety of use is implicit with the hydraulic tools

Power And Productivity

This is another unbeatable point of strength of the system. The use of hydraulic tools allow to handle high power, this means rapidity of work and improved productivity.


The group has affordable price and extremely limited running costs due also to the fact that engines are used at idle. It requires just a minimal and easy maintenance.

Versatility And Efficiency

The system increases the versatility and the functions of machines while giving a series of implicit conveniences: it is always ready to work, eliminate the presence of bulky air compressors and generators and their fuels, leaves more space available allowing the transportation of more material, avoids to make difficult and unsafe operations of loading/down loading and lifting of weights. Thanks to these advantages its use will become soon familiar and will make all the operations easier.

Typical Works

Gas water and utilities networks maintenance, urban and road maintenance in general, military and civil protection works, naval and rail road sectors, environmental reclamation works.

Typical Machines

Trucks, pick up, vans, military vehicles, all terrain vehicles, tracked vehicles, boats, tractors.

How It Works

Often the trucks have no hydraulics at all or are equipped with a minimal hydraulic system usable only for powering cranes or the dumping cylinder or for short operations, installing the HYDROBOX these machines become professional activators of hydraulic accessories capable to power them for hours even in hot climates assuring convenient cooling, filtration and providing rational and easy compact package of the components. The OEM manufacturers of the machines will be relieved to find all the parts and to put them together, this will save time eliminating also cumbersome and improvised auxiliary circuits.

The group is formed by assembling: oil tank(1), high efficiency oil cooler with centrifugal fan or 12 Volt electric fan as needed (2), oil control block with flow lever (3) and relief valve (4), quick couplers on swivel fittings (5), filter and piping. The parts are made with high standard of construction and are enclosed in a compact square box that can be easily fitted on all vehicles in the more convenient position, the group must then be hydraulically connected to the oil pump of the machine and in few hours of work the HYDROBOX is ready to work. NOTE: The Hydrobox can be installed only on machines with an hydraulic pump or that have the possibility to install the pump.

Technical Data

Weight With Oil 30 Kg
Dimension 53 x 27 X H 33
Oil Tank capacity 10 Litres
Max Flow 38 L/min
Max Pressure 190 Bar
Cooler High efficiency cooler with fan powered by hydraulic motor or electric 12 Volt
ON / OFF Valve Block Three ways with relief valve and orientable couplers for impacts protection. Can receive other oil return lines.


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How It Works 1

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