August 24, 2016

K50 taking off in Oz

K50 products were introduced to Australia, by TRAXX, in late 2015. 

German manufacturer K50, headed by the inimitable ADNAN FIDAN, supplies a vast range of accessories for the concrete drilling industry.

The range includes WSR slurry suction rings, reuseable screw in anchors, concrete lifting brackets and the amazing MFP Multi Function Plate. This latter product has certainly become a big success in Australia. The unique product allows for the mounting of core drill machines on just about any irregular surface, from pipes and colums to stable rock faces.

ADNAN has developed an amazing following worldwide as a result of his prolific social media marketing whicj even includes his own "bobble head" doll, that pops up in some very unusual places.


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Some of the K50 range

Mr Adnan Fidan and friend.