November 12, 2014

If you are going to World of Concrete, pre register here and save, as well as help support our industry



 As you are no doubt aware, World of Concrete is scheduled for February 3-6, 2015 in Las Vegas and there’s a good chance your company will be exhibiting. You may also be aware that CSDA is one of 18 cosponsor associations of the show, and as such can offer discounted attendee registration. Here’s where you come in.

 First, free registration is gone. The show organizers have decided that cosponsors can offer a discounted price, but not free. Therefore, CSDA has a link that will allow people to register for $20 (as opposed to the show’s standard rate of $60, then $80 closer to the start). We have then come up with a plan to give CSDA a “one-up” over the other cosponsors. People can now:

·       Register for the show via CSDA’s link for $20

·       Visit the CSDA booth at WOC

·       We will confirm registration through our link and give $5 back

 So basically we are offering $15 registration rather than $20. All we ask is that you share our unique registration link (, point people to or tell people about our Source Code (A26). Any of these methods will help our registration numbers. We also have three training classes at the show (Concrete Polishing, Estimating and Hand Sawing & Drilling 101) and more details can found via

 Why are these registrations so important to CSDA? Well, for every confirmed registration CSDA gets a rebate from the show organizers (it’s around $50 per person). For many years now, these rebates have helped the association create more programs, resources and events for the membership and the industry. Please share our links with your customers and any industry contacts you know, whether it’s by sending emails, adding the link to your website/Facebook page or simply word of mouth. If your company has a media/PR person to spread the word, or an IT person to add info to your website, please forward this email to them.

 If your company has done any of the above already, we thank you. Your help is much appreciated. If you would like any other materials like logos and banners, please contact me.

 Best Regards,

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