October 07, 2012

DustBoss DB-100 - the BIGGEST DustBoss EVER!

The DB-100 is the largest DustBoss ever designed and is engineered specifically to fight dust on large job sites, open-cut mines, quarries and haul roads.

With its muscular 45kw (60hp) motor and user-definable 359˚ oscillation, the DB-100 has a throw of more than 100 meters, giving the machine a coverage area of an incredible 26,000 square meters (m2).

“This new unit will reach all the way to the working face, knocking down dust from the shovel right as it picks up or drops material. With the improved visibility and air quality, mining companies can maintain a safer and more productive workplace.”   

To put that in perspective, one machine could cover the playing surface of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) with its dust-trapping atomized mist! 

For more info click here or download the spec sheet here. 


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DustBoss DB-100 will cover an area larger than the MGC!