October 05, 2010

CFQ. How does it work??????

TRAXX CFQ Diamond Lubricant is revolutionising the sawing, drilling and grinding industries.

TRAXX CFQ is being used extensively on small to large job types and proving to improve speed of cut and life of diamond tools significantly.

CFQ is typically supplied premixed for application on smaller job types, but is supplied in bulk and dispensed via a Venturi system on larger jobs.

A full range of applicators, dispensers and Venturi systems is available from TRAXX.

So, How does CFQ work????


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Exposed diamonds grind the matter being cut

As the diamonds grind they begin to micro and macro fracture

Water is forced into the fractures. As the water heats up, it expands and accelerates the diamond facturing

CFQ is preferentially attracted to the diamonds, over water. CFQ expands at a slower rate than water, significantly improving diamond tooling life

CFQ also forms a protective coating, that acts as a lubricant on all wearing surfaces