The future has arrived

In the construction industry, price erosion and the pressure to perform have long caught up with specialists in concrete separation technology too. Increased performance and optimised work processes are indispensable when carrying out a contract. A more efficient way of working on the building site is therefore required.

The contractor was confronted with precisely this problem when working on this project. The objective was to drill 700 core holes in reinforced concrete in the shortest time possible with the least number of personnel.

The task consisted of making a Ø 60 core hole on several capstones 20 cm in width at the same height in intervals of 200 mm. The core holes were required to cut through reinforced steel for a new layer of concrete with an increased load bearing capacity. To optimise the efficiency of the work and to save personnel costs, the contractor decided to automate this task of core boring. Demco Technic AG was commissioned with producing a welded construction so that the core boring equipment could be moved on the capstone without necessitating any installation work.

Two core boring stands of the type ‘Piccolo’ with the drilling motors BBS 33 (230 V) were used for each of these drilling tasks. With the automatic drill feed of the type ‘Subito’ from the company Demco Technic AG, it is possible for a skilled worker to install one piece of equipment while the other piece continues drilling. The automatic drill feed ‘Subito’ operates completely independently. With a feed pressure of 6-14 amperes, the ‘Subito’ has an automatic feed reduction in reinforced concrete. When the core boring has been drilled, everything including water is switched off automatically. Afterwards, the electric rapid feed, which can be operated via the control unit, is easily reversed.

The feed gear, which can be conveniently detached using a locking pin from the ‘Piccolo’ drill stand, weighs a mere 3.5 kg. With this combination of ‘Subito’ and ‘Piccolo’, it takes just three minutes to drill through these 20 cm of capstone.

Thanks to this drill feed, a 100% utilisation of the drill head was also achieved. This in turn means that performance is optimised. The standing time of the drill bit is improved by up to 50% of conventional performance.

Seen from this aspect, is this not the ideal equipment to help a contractor conclude the construction contract as profitably as possible?

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