Val 6 EPX

VAL6 EPX. The most advanced radiant heater ever with even better combustion efficiency, power and economy.

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Val 6 EPX

Val 6 EPX

Larger Radiation Disk

Compared to our regular VAL 6 series the radiation disk is 20 % larger. Because of this, the EPX is able to radiate the infrared heat to objects further and wider away.

High/Low output Control

The EPX has High and Low output control that enables its user to chose between a high or low thus making it very economical.

Long Operation Time

With a 58 litre tank, the EPX is able to operate continuously for 20 hours with low output setting and 15 hours with high setting which enables it to operate all night without refueling.

Built In Heater For Fuel Line

As ambient temperature decreases, visco