Rellok RSF 620 Floor Saw


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Rellok RSF 620 Floor Saw

Rellok RSF 620 Floor Saw


The fully-hydraulic floor saws are designed for maximum performance combined with maximum user comfort. All of the machine‘s working functions (cutting shaft drive, blade excavation and lowering, drive system, steering system) are driven by an efficient hydraulic unit.

The drive motors are mounted on an extremely torsion resistant U-frame, and are mounted in rubber to reduce unhealthy vibration. An intelligent protection function switches off the engine in case of malfunction, protecting the unit from possible damages.

A standard feature is the powerful auxiliary hydraulic, for connecting additional equipment like a slurry suction device.

All control functions are electrical or mechanical. There was no need to use maintenance-intensive cables.
There is easy access to all maintenance and service areas, through the sid