Rellok RSB120 Joint Brushing Machine


A machine for cleaning of existing joints in concrete.


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Rellok RSB120 Joint Brushing Machine

Rellok RSB120 Joint Brushing Machine


The rotating brush (rotates in reverse  direction), raises loose material from inside of the joint, such as slurry or small stones, to the front. The result is a largely dust-free joint, which forms the basis for the durability of the sealing compound to be poured into the joint in the next step.


Lateral steering movements are realized by a 360 degree swivel roll that is centrally located in front of the machine.  This enables the machine to easily set up on the joint and also be move inside of the joint. Center of rotation is the rear axle.

For moving the RSB120 between two cuts, it can be tilted back onto another steering roller,  which is attached to the frame.  By doing this, the adjusted brushing depth can be maintained.



•  High-performance, low-vibration 2-cylinder drive mo