Cobra Mekano 40/50

Heavy duty capacity saw, yet very versatile and maneuverable. 


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Cobra Mekano 40/50

Cobra Mekano 40/50

The Cobra Mekano is a light, fast and easy to use road saw, capable of using a 350 mm blade up to a 500 mm blade on THE SAME MACHINE. Its innovative design increases the work time between maintenance stops and reduces the actual time spent on maintenance by up to 80%, reducing the time that the machine isn´t working and therefore the running costs.



The raising and lowering is facilitated by a pneumatic shock absorber, controlled on the handle bar by the operator and does not require any maintenance.



Reduces slipping through loss of traction, better grip, less maintenance.

· The tightness of the belt is less than if you use a standard belt so there is less pressure on the shaft resulting in greater durability.

· The new belt tightening system with pulley means that the tightening process takes no