PPV DST Series

The DST series positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans feature large flat proof pneumatic style wheels and tires, 35” extend-able handle, high performance Honda motors, stainless steel frames, are tilt-able from -10° to +20°, and are stand alone operational.

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PPV DST Series

PPV DST Series

DST Series Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fan Features

35" Extend-able Handle

The ergonomically designed handle quickly extends to 35" and can be operated with one hand, making transportation easier

Wheels and Brakes

8" off road solid wheels with step-n-go quick lock brakes. Rubber feet also aid the elimination of movement due to vibration.

Direct Drive

All Unifire positive pressure ventilation (PPV) blowers feature a direct drive design. By being direct drive we essentially gain 10% power transfer from the motor to the blade over belt driven models.

Stand Alone Operation

Unifire positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans and blowers are vibration free for standalone operation. They will not move on wet or slick surfaces. This is accomplished th