Diamond Wire accessories

Joiners and Tools for all Diamond Wire.


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Diamond Wire accessories

Diamond Wire accessories

Traxx Offers a full range of accessories and tools for joining Diamond wire.

Products include.

  • JC1  for joining 4.8mm cables.
  • JC3 double joint articulated for joining 4.8mm cables.
  • JC4 for screw joining 4.8mm cables.

  • JC5 low profile joiner for 4.8mm cables.
  • JC7 single articulated joiner for 4.8mm cables.
  • JC9 Copper joiner for 4.8mm cables.
  • JC2 for joining 3.8mm cables.
  • JC8 for screw joining 3.8mm cables.
  • HT45 5 ton assembling press.
  • MK8 dies to suit HT45, for 4.8mm cables.
  • MK7 dies to suit HT45, for 3.8mm cables.
  • HTPR Pin Remover for removing and replacing pins easily in articulated joiners.
  • HTPIN replacement pins for articulated joiners.
  • HTCT wire cutters for all diamond wires.









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