EP7FB Stone Grinder

The EP7FB Stone Grinder is lightweight  and comfortable to handle. 

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EP7FB Stone Grinder

EP7FB Stone Grinder

Our EP7FB is the ideal tool for grinding and polishing stone.

The speed is adjustable by thumbwheel to suit the needs of different materials and the feedback electronic speed stabilization maintains an even speed under all loads. This even working speed is the secret to a superior finish which professionals demand.


  • Variable speed wheel with feedback electronic speed stabilization
  • Quick change conversion to wet or dry
  • Quick-release water hose coupling
  • Spindle lock
  • Front handle
  • 9" dust collect cover
  • Professional grade motor with overload protection and soft-start
  • Vacuum port
  • Diamond plate with thread
  • Hoop and loop plate for Diamond polishing

Technical Data