Prime 85 S

Bridge saw ideal for the building sector suitable for straight and 45° angle cuts of bricks, stones, granite, marble and slabs. Max cutting length 85cm. Max cutting depth at 90° 11 cm.

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Prime 85 S

Prime 85 S


Bridge saw ideal for the building sector suitable for straight and 45° angle cuts of bricks, stones, granite, marble and slabs.


Aluminium draw-plate to get the maximum of rigidity and lightness at the same time.


The rail is in extrusion of aluminium at high resistance to the torsional stress. It's equipped with interchangeable stainless steel bearings-tracks. Absolute cutting precision.


Millimeters graduated scale for a fast execution of the cuts in series.


A professional adjustable goniometer fence is included.


The extension side table, made in galvanized steel, is optional and can be mounted in both the sides of the machine. It allows the cut of big sizes.


The carriage engine group slides on the rail by means 8 ball-bearings, of which 4 works always in perpendicular way respect to the rail. So doing the sliding is very fast and precise.


Position 45° angle cuts. The wiring of the cables is integrated inside the rail to avoid they interfere in the cutting area. Powerful engine 3Hp / 2,2 KW with thermal and amperometrical protection.


The adjustment of the cutting depth occurs by means the locking of the tilting of the engine group. A simple and easy graduated scale measures directly the cutting depth.


  • The control board includes:
  • switch with release coil
  • overheat protection with manual reset in the event of the disk jamming
  • red light for signalling the presence to connection net
  • green light for signalling machine on function
  • laser instrument for the maximum cutting precision (optional in standard version)
  • Plug industrial type


  • The working table, of large dimension (620 mm.), is made in galvanized steel.
  • The water tank, realized in abs material, crash and consumption proof.
  •  It's easy to clean and realized to divide the cutting rubble from the recycling water's area.
  •  Water recycling pump type S2 included.
Prime 85 S Equipped with:
  •  Single phase engine 230V 50Hz 3Hp/2,2 Kw with thermal and amperometric protection
  • Switch with release coil
  • Overheat protection with manual reset
  • Sliding cutting head and tilting engine
  • Adjustable legs
  • Adjustable goniometer fence
  • Water recycling pump type S3
  • A professional adjustable goniometer fence is included.

Technical Data

Weight 80 kg
Tool Hole 25.4 mm
Diamond Blade Diameter 350 mm
Size Tile For Diagonal Cutting 600 x 600 mm
Max Cutting Length 850 mm
Power Engine 2200 Watt
Max Cutting Depth for 45 (Jolly) Cut 80 mm
Max Cutting Depth For Square cut 80 mm
Max Cutting Depth with 2 Runs 180 mm
Engine Type Single Phase 230V-50Hz
Laser Guide Optional


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