TRIDENT is a compact accessory for trucks and vans designed to supply electric energy, pneumatic energy and hydraulic energy at low cost.

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The group exploits the power of trucks engines transforming them from normal transportation vehicles into real working equipment powerful, quiet, versatile, economical and with minimal maintenance needs. The group is ideal in all external maintenance works that are normally made using trucks and vans.

TRIDENT is formed by the assembly of three main parts :
  • one welding / generator unit with hydraulic motor
  • one compressor head with hydraulic motor
  • one hydraulic power pack complete with oil tank, valves, oil cooling system, oil filter and quick couplers

The Trident has a 12 Volt electric circuit with control panel completes the group, all parts are installed into a compact frame that assures a easy positioning on board on service trucks, military end rescue vehicles, off road vehicles,
tractors , mobile workshops, etc. The group is installed on vehicles in the more adequate position, it must then be hydraulically connected with two hoses ( one for suction and one for pressure ) to the hydraulic gear pump of the vehicle , this will form a real multi purpose power unit powered by the vehicle engines. By using the opportune button control panel is possible to choose the energy to be used; air or welding / generator or hydraulic tools

Typical Users
  • maintenance of gas and water networks,
  • municipalities , military and civil protection
  • organisations , fire fighters mobile workshops
  • vehicles used for operations in remote areas
The advantages are several and concrete:
  • Possibility of welding at 300 Amps .
  • Possibility of having current tri-phase/ single phase up to 8.5 kVA
  • Possibility of generating air compressed up to 500 litres per minute
  • Possibility of powering hydraulic tools at their maximum power
  • Great reduction of weight , dimension of the equipment transported
  • High power and maximum quietness
  • Simplification of the equipment and ideal and total utilisation of the vehicles
  • Easy use and no problem of continuous loading/downloading equipment from vehicles
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • No thefts of equipment and fuel
  • In case necessary the group can be disassembled easily by using the quick couplers and
  • reinstalled on other vehicles

Technical Data

Hydraulic power necessary from trucks Flow 36 42 L/min Pressure 170 min 210 max Bar
Oil tank Capacity 24 Litres
Cooling System two high efficiency radiators air / oil with centrifugal fan 12 Volt ( 24V available)
Oil Filter SPIN ON Type
ON/OF Control Valve Three way type with relief valve and with quick couplers on swivel elbows
Selection of the use Electric control panel with buttons, one use at a time
Hydraulic power for hydraulic tools Flow: Up to the maximum flow available form the primary circuit Pressure: regulated at 150 Bar
Welder Type SINCRO FW2-DC with Volt meter and RCBO protection Electro mechanical type DC current 2 poles with brushes duty 300A35% - 250A60% - 400A60% absorbed power 12 kW16Hp or 19 kW26,0 Hp
Welding Power Max 300 Amp adjustable
Compressor Type 2 Cylinders: 2 Stages
Air aspirate 800 L/min circa
Air Compressed 500 L/min circa
Air Pressure Max 10 bar
Hydraulic Motor Type Hydraulic motor group 2 with 12V solenoid ON/OFF
Dimension 150 x 45 x H 70
Weight 200 Kg wit hliquids


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