Nomad Pro

A revolutionary tracked, materials handler that is also a Powerful hydraulic Power pack and hydraulically powered 5kva generator, with more than 50 tool options.

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Nomad Pro

Nomad Pro

The NOMAD PRO is a combination of the NOMAD PLUS and the SUPER RAPTOR hydraulic power pack.

This machine can be used as a combination of both, or the power pack can be demounted for conventional use.

The NOMAD PRO also comes equipped with a 5 kva generator, capable of powering a vast range of powerful hand and rig mounted tools, including a broad range of Diamond Core Drilling machines, vacuum pumps, and vacuum systems.

An extensive range of options are also available for this machine, including the following,

. Vacuum recycling systems.

. Hand held power cutters.

. Core drilling machines.

. Water tanks and pressure washers.

. Hydraulic breakers.

. Hydraulic Hammer drills.

. Forest and Garden tending products.

. Welders.

. Rescue and Recovery tools.

SUPER RAPTOR details follow. For the  full specification, see SUPER RAPTOR under Construction Equipment, Power Packs.

The engine acceleration is fixed or automatic with power on demand ram, the sele