Conquest 100

 A smaller and lighter concrete imaging solution optimized for portability while retaining all the key Conquest features.


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Conquest 100

Conquest 100

More compact and lighter than our standard Conquest, Conquest 100 unit retains the key capabilities that have made Conquest the preferred non-destructive imaging tool in the industry.


  • Locate rebar, plastic and metal conduits 
  • Locate and estimate depth of post-tension cables
  • Determine cover depth
  • Detect deterioration
  • Discover voids
  • Detect current carrying cables


  • Line Scanning for reconnaissance surveys
  • Grid Scanning for detailed mapping
  • Power Cable Detection (PCD)
  • Real-time locating of embedded objects
  • On-site 3D imaging
  • Rugged Shoulder harness
  • AC mains power supply
  • Optional Battery
  • Optional ConquestView PC imaging software
  • Blue Tooth connectivity allow