Dust Boss DB-M

High density, low-velocity mist

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Dust Boss DB-M

Dust Boss DB-M

Developed for velocity-sensitive applications to deal with very lightweight dust particles, the DB-M creates a cloud of atomized water droplets without using a fan that would contribute unwanted turbulence.

The standard design is a 15-feet (4.5 meters) pole mount featuring a series of 17 nozzles, with water pressure delivered by an on-board 10 hp booster pump.

Featuring selectable flow settings and our Variable Particle Sizing™ technology (VPS™), the DB-M was designed to be customizable for specific operating conditions and particle behaviours, giving users a versatile, skid-mounted dust management solution.


  • Misting head with 17 nozzles mounted on 15-foot boom.
  • Nozzles can be added or removed to suit t he application.


  • U.S. specs: 3 Phase / 480 Volt / 60 Hertz. Full load current is 12 amps. Recommended minimum gen set is 25 Kw.
  • 100 foot (30.48 meters) 10/4 electrical cord. Other options available.
  • No male plug, “bare wired” is standard. Any plug is extra cost.
  • Cabinet with control panel.


  • 18–24 GPM at 200 PSI of output.
  • Filter is included and should be used at all times. Contact us for recommendations when using nonpotable water. (Filter system in-line 30 mesh 595 micron).
  • 10 PSI required from fire hose hookup (when using the booster pump).
  • Droplet size of 50–200 microns.
  • Throw is dependent on wind conditions. Approximately 30 feet (9.14 meters) on a quiet day.


  • Standard boom height is 15 feet tall when mounted on skid.
  • Units can be fabricated on booms ranging from 4 to 15 feet in height.


  • If using potable water, nozzles need to be inspected once a year.


  • Can be used with surfactant to improve binding of dust particles or with tackifying agents to seal the ground to prevent dust from becoming airborne.
  • Odor control chemicals can be used to help eliminate odor.


  • Dosing pump can be added to unit for chemical applications.


  • Unit is covered by a 3-year/3,000-hour warranty.

Custom Units

At Traxx Construction Products, we specialize in solutions. While we offer a range of standard units, we also provide many of our customers with custom-tailored solutions, based on the specific needs of their application. From our cutting-edge VPS™ (Variable Particle Sizing™) technology -which equips our units with an additional ring of misting protection and offers the flexibility of modified nozzle configurations- to our tower and truck-mounted units, we are always working toward providing better solutions to our customers.


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DustBoss DB-M

DustBoss DB-M

DustBoss DB-M in action

DustBoss DB-M in action