VP140 Vacuum Pump

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VP140 Vacuum Pump

VP140 Vacuum Pump

This purpose-built vacuum pump is specifically designed for use with power tools which are anchored by a vacuum base, such as vacuum base diamond core drilling rigs and others.

Traditionally there is always a safety concern due to the possible loss of vacuum during power tool operation. This machine has two powerful safety mechanisms which address this. 

The first is the warning buzzer which signals whenever the vacuum is less than 0.77 bar. The second is the vacuum-dependant power supply socket. The power tool is plugged into this power supply socket on the vacuum pump.

This socket is only energized when the vacuum has acheived the pre-set minimum of 0.77 bar. If for any reason the vacuum is leaking, the power tool will have its power shut off and the warning buzzer will alert the operator.

This pump is also ergonomically designed with perfect weight balance for easy carrying.

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