Vaccum Pump and Tank and pads.

Traxx Vaccum Pump with integral tank and Vacuum Pads.

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Vaccum Pump and Tank and pads.

Vaccum Pump and Tank and pads.

The TRAXX VPAT30 vaccum pump and tank is designed specifically for the core drilling industry.

This tool allows for easy stabilistion of core drilling stands to almost any floor or wall, using suction from the pump unit via specially designed vacuum pads, on to which the drill stands can be mounted. In some cases, smaller drill stands such as teh TRAXX DS170 have built in vacuum pads/bases.

The integral tank, built in to the vaccum pump frame and handle allows for a "safety margin" of vaccum to remain, keeping the pad and stand in place for up to 3 minutes after any power failure or interuption.


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