SR65 Drill Motor

 Power of 7.5 kW at 400 Volt with only a weight of 18.3 kg

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SR65 Drill Motor

SR65 Drill Motor

The SR65 is a further development of the new SR-drive for Drill Motors that is already used on the SR35 and SR75. 
Like the SR75, this drill motor brings power of 7.5 kW at 400 Volt with only a weight of 18.3 kg. 



The motor is based on the principle of the switched reluctance motor (SR = switched reluctance). The stator is very robust but simple. The rotor consists of a shaft on which there are strung several single steel laminations. This allows the motor to work without any turning windings or short circuit rotor and also without commutator and wear-affected carbon brushes. The motor is saves resources and consists almost only of steel and copper.

The commutation (alternating current of the stator poles) is managed by the electonic power which gets its order from a microcomputer. The speed o