SR35 Drill Motor

The most powerful single phase Drill Motor suitable for 230 V mains.

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SR35 Drill Motor

SR35 Drill Motor

The SR35 is he most powerful single phase Drill Motor suitable for 230 V mains. This motor is the ultimate for professional use, with perfomance that can not be reached with conventional motors. 


SR Motor

The Drill Motor is based on the principle of the switched reluctance motor (SR = switched reluctance). The stator is very robust and can be compared to a multipolar three-phase motor. However, the rotor exists only of a shaft and several steel laminations. This allows the motor to work without rotating windings or squirrel-cages and therefore also without commutator and wear-affected carbon brushes.
The commutation (alternating currenting of the stator poles) is managed by electronic power which gets its orders from a microcomputer.
The speed over the whole capacity range almost constant, therefore the drillingstart  is made easier.
Besides the three power speeds offered to the operator, additional three fast motor speeds can be preferably chosen for smaller drilling diameters. Further more three lower motor speeds can be chosen for drilling start of larger drilling diameters. 

Motor Protection 

The motor current is controlled corresponding to the requirements and limited to the maximum. Therefore it cannot be overloaded.
Via thermal protective switches the actual temperature of my motor and the electronic power is registered and if deemed necessary, will be switched off safely. Thus the motor and power are protected directly against thermal overload which may occur on insufficient cooling.

3-Speed Gearing Unit 

This Drill Motor has a very solid gear with wide drilling range (see technical data) on favourable adaption of speed and torque to the respective drilling diameter.

Oil Bath Lubrication with Oil Pump

Optimal gear lubrication on high efficiency, long lifetime and low maintenance expense. The very efficient oilpump that is already used in the DK 32 and DK 52 is responsible for an optimal lubrication in all positions of use.

Safety Clutch

Due to the new motor type, fitted with a novel multi flange coupling which protects the operator, the tools and the motor against high mechanical overload. The higher number of friction surfaces guarantees a nearly constant releasing torque even after a few hundred overload cycles. Through the limiting of the torque by the motor management the wear out of the clutch is extremely low.

Drilling Spindle

Available with the new M33/3 drill bit adaption. This three-way thread offers the great advantage to loosen the drill bit easily. Thereby the thread is no expensive quick coupling and can be produced cost-effectively by leading drill bit manufacturers.

Water Cooling

The motor and electronic power is optimally cooled by a patented water cooling system and already used successfully in the DK 42 and DK 52. At this the water flows controlled through the interspace between the motor case and the case sleeve. Through this arrangement the electrical part is completely separated from the cooling and thus the electrical safety is guaranteed.

Metal Case

The skin is completely made of aluminum and is therefore very robust, thermically stable and prepared foroutstanding professional use.

The SR35 is not only very strong and robust, but also for the first time a Drill Motor suitable for 230 V is water protected. With proper use water cannot enter the workings, allowing to drill upwards in a vertical position (overhead drilling) without any further precautions.

Technical Data

Voltage 230
Current 16A
Power 3700W
Output Power 2700W
Motor Speed 1* /min 150/300/470
Motor Speed 2 /min 200/390/610 (nominal)
Motor Speed 3* /min 240/470/730
Length 510
Weight 16kg
Drilling diameter 60-350mm
Tool fixture M33/3 or 1 1/4
*these gears are power reduced


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SR35 Drill Motor

SR35 Drill Motor