DK52 Drill Motor

Exceptionally favourable power to weight.

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DK52 Drill Motor

DK52 Drill Motor

With the DK 52 Traxx has extended the successful series of water cooled Drill Motors for professional operation up to a drilling diameter of 500 mm.
Apart from the extremely high output power of 4000 W, the DK52 possesses with 22.9 kg an exceptionally favourable power to weight, as well as a high working safety.


3 - speed change gearing

Large drilling range (s. techn. Data) with favourable adapting the speed to the respective drilling diameter.

Oil-bath lubrication

Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency, high durability and less maintenance. The new and high effective oil pump takes care for an optimal lubrication for the first fast step of gear even in vertical operation.

Overload clutch

This novel multiple disc clutch protects operator, machine and tool against high mechanical overload. The bigger numbers of friction surfaces guarantees a nearly constant release torque even after many hundreds of release cycles of the clutch.
At proper use consequently a readjustment between the usual intervals of maintenance is not longer required.


This smart ring fixed on the drill spindle is able to reduce the release torque for loosening the drill bit considerably.

Three-Phase Motor

Extremely durable, robust, sealed (IP55) and low maintenance motor, without brushes and rotating windings.
The very low speed causes only low motor noise. The speed drop at full load is minimal.

Motor Protection

By thermal switches integrated in the stator windings the motor is protected by detecting the actual motor temperature. Therefore the motor is protected immediately in case of overload unsymmetrical voltage or phase failing.

Motor Cooling 

The DK 52´s motor is cooled optimally by a patented water cooling. The cooling water flows controlled through the interspace between the case sleeve and the motor case. Due to this intensive cooling an excellent output power by low weight is achieved, yet by this design the electric parts are separated from the cooling and thus the electric safety is guaranteed.

Metal casing

Motor and gearbox are made from aluminum. This makes the DK52 mechanically and thermally stable and durable contrary to plastics cases.

The DK52 is switched by a double press key assembled in the terminal case on the top of the machine. The main current is as well switched by a contactor assembled into a separate plug-resp. contactor case. By this device the motor is switched solid and exactly as well as an under voltage trip according EN 60 204 is realized.
To enable a correct setting of the phase-sequence respectively the rotation, the CEE plug is fitted with a phase inverter.

The DK52 corresponds to the degree of water protection of IP 55, i.e. when properly used water cannot enter the motor.
Thus it is possible to drill overhead without taking any additional accessories.

Technical Data

Power 5200W
Output Power 4000W
Speed (full load) /min 120/240/360
Length 580mm
Weight 22.9kg
Drilling Diameter 110-500mm
Foot Fastening Standard 4xM8 with groove 10 x 4.3


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DK52 Drill Motor

DK52 Drill Motor