DK26 Drill Motor

3-speed Diamond Core Drill

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DK26 Drill Motor

DK26 Drill Motor

The DK26 replaces the already legendary DK22 which has been a very popular product used by both professional users, and also the typical craftsmen. With more power and at reduced cost due to an aluminum die cast, it offers the operator a worthy successor also in price. 

The DK26 features a high efficiency with a high quality standard and is suitable for steady professional use. 
The outstanding degree of efficiency of motor and gear grant an extraordinary drilling performance. 


3-speed change gearing

Large drilling range (s. techn. Data) with favourable adapting of the speed to the respective drilling diameter.

Oil-bath lubrication

Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency, high durability and less maintenance. The new and high effective oil pump takes care of optimal lubrication for the first fast gear step, even in vertical operation.

Overload clutch

This novel multiple disc clutch protects operator, machine and tool against high mechanical overload. The bigger number of friction surfaces guarantees a nearly constant release torque even after many hundreds of release cycles of the clutch.
At proper use consequently a readjustment between the usual intervals of maintenance is no longer required.


The new electronic system starts the motor by means of a micro controller soft and thus avoids a too high start current.
When exceeding the overcurrent threshold the electronic is showing this by a pulsating of the motor. If the operator now decreases the feed power, the motor works normal again. If the operator does not decrease the feed power the electronic switches the motor off after some seconds. After this action the motor can be started immediately. It is not required to wait before starting again like on a thermal motor overload switch.
Moreover the Intellitronic is registering the motor temperature and decreases the overload threshold when exceeding the operating temperature.
Thus the Intellitronic avoids reliable overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors life time.

Shaft protective sleeves 

Sleeves on the spindle made from stainless steel take care for a maximum protection against rust and abrasion of the running surface under the rotary shaft seals.

Antifriction Element 

This smart ring fixed on the drill spindle is able to reduce the release torque for loosening the drill bit considerably.

Metal casing

Motor and gearbox are made from aluminum. This makes the DK 26 mechanically and thermally stable and durable contrary to plastics cases.

Technical Data

Motor 2600W
Output power 1870W
Nominal speed 1/min 320/630/980
Total length without handle 490mm
Weight without cable 11.6kg
Drilling diameter 40-250mm


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DK26 Drill motor

DK26 Drill motor