DEMCO ALLCORE 360° Drill Stand

THE Core Drill Stand for drilling in any direction.

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DEMCO ALLCORE 360° Drill Stand

DEMCO ALLCORE 360° Drill Stand

ALLCORE is a solution for all applications where you can not fix the equipment with anchors or even for line drilling.
ALLCORE uses the guide rails from GAMMA/PICCOLO and has the same feed carriage like PICCOLO - so you can combine most of the parts you already have.


The ALLCORE 360° Drill Rig is a combination of PICCOLO/COBRA parts and allows you to do special jobs.
This system features quick mounting, easy drilling and fast unmounting on you job site.
Saving time and money.

The modular system and the stand’s flexibility allows straight and angled drilling in walls, floors and ceilings without fixing the rig with anchors.....
You can use the guide rails of Demco`s GAMMA wall saws and the feed carriage of Demco`s PICCOLO drill rig.



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